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web track 005Riders like Bradley Wiggins and Mark Cavendish have shown that the very high levels of fitness and ability to recover quickly required for track cycling have huge benefits for other cycling disciplines. High intensity track training develops skills in riding closely in a tight pack, riding on smaller gears at higher cadences, sprints, last minute attacks, and recognising key opportunities.

Three examples of this are mass start events, pursuits and kilo.

Mass start events push riders physically, technically, and tactically as short intervals test the limits of oxygen supply to the muscles and recovering as fast as possible before needing to go up to maximum again. This form of training is excellent for all forms of endurance races and triathlon distances.

web track 002In pursuits, riders race well over their threshold and over their normal maximum aerobic capacity. This places huge demands on the oxygen system and is very similar to cycling a criterium, road race, time trial or triathlon cycle.

The Kilometre is one of the most painful challenges in track cycling. It requires a cyclist to completely deplete their high intensity energy sources and fight a huge amount of pain from the rapid supply of energy to the working muscle. This is the similar to the end of a road race / Time Trial where a rider must fight / hold position before fighting through the similar pain as a Kilo rider on their last lap.

web track 004To ride at most velodromes riders must complete some form of structured training because of the additional complexities of Track Cycling. The most benefit will come from taking part in track racing leagues and structured quality training (SQT) sessions. To be able to do this, riders will need to complete a standardised accreditation program designed to take riders through all the complexities and key techniques of track racing.

Our coaches are not only British Cycling Track Specialists but also current track racers. They have a wealth of experience of coaching beginners through to elite level athletes and have helped numerous riders get their track racing licences through the accreditation process.

Whether you are an individual wanting to get through the accreditation process or part of a club wanting to develop a Track Racing Team, our coaches have the skills, experience and knowledge to help you progress in this challenging but hugely exhilarating cycling discipline.


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Our Coaches

Our world class cycle coaches are trained, insured and supported through British Cycling. They all have a wealth of knowledge and experience, hold enhanced DBS certificates and are First Aid Trained. All of our coaches have at least two areas of additional expertise and many have been teaching adults and children for decades. Our cycle coaching team can be found coaching at events and in venues across Europe where they provide inclusive cycle coaching in Recreational Cycling, Road Racing, Time-Trial, Track, BMX, Cyclo-Cross, MTB and Disability Cycling. We provide cycle coaching to a huge of variety of groups and individuals ranging from adaptive athletes and riders with Special Educational Needs, limited / restricted mobility cyclists and those with visual impairments through to elite level athletes and national and international level competitors.

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