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DNA fitWhat do professional sports teams, Olympic champions and other elite athletes have in common ?

The answer is that they have undergone revolutionary DNA profiling to ensure that they are getting the maximum benefit from their genes, avoid injuries and recover quicker.

The process starts with a non-invasive saliva swab that is sent to an accredited laboratory.

The very latest in genetic science is used to test 45 gene variants associated with fitness, nutrition and wellbeing. Within 2 weeks a comprehensive set of results is produced containing unparalleled genetic data and genetic variants personal to you.

Once your report is ready, a DNAfit nutrition and fitness expert will discuss the detailed results with you. Not only will you discover the type and intensity of training your body needs to achieve maximum potential, avoid injury and recover more quickly but you will also discover your personal responses to key food groups, and what food types will maximise your health, fitness and overall well being.

Train by DNAThe test also provides your:

  • VO2 max potential
  • Ability to recover from training
  • Ideal nutrition and training recommendations
  • Carbohydrate & Saturated Fat Sensitivity
  • Lactose & Gluten Intolerance
  • Detox Ability
  • Anti-Oxidant Needs
  • Recommended vitamin & micronutrient Intake
  • Salt and Caffeine Sensitivity

It is this process and these results that is helping professional athletes, elite level runners, triathletes and cyclists all over the world achieve new goals and be fitter, healthier and stronger.

Elite athletes are discovering that power-to-endurance ratio has particularly important implications for how they should train. Crucially for runners, triathletes and cyclists it also detects your speed of recovery and if you have a low, medium, high or very high risk of developing soft tissue injury from over training.

GB Athlete Jenny Meadows changed her training is a result of DNAfit after it revealed a genetic predisposition to soft tissue injuries. “If I’d known before the Olympics, I would have trained a different way”.

As a result of the DNA test Jenny has now changed both the format and intensity of her weekly sessions. This helped her reach the Commonwealth Games 800m final by reducing her time by six seconds and her refined training program has led to her recording the fastest 800m time in the world in the last three years.

DNAfit and the Fitness Diet Pro test have picked up rave reviews in the media. Charles Wallace, who writes the Financial Times Fit Executive column said:

“What I did find extraordinary were the results of my test for diet and nutrition. It was uncannily accurate about my sensitivity to carbohydrates and a tendency towards high blood sugar levels. For people who have unsuccessfully tried to lose weight, this type of testing would be a fantastic guide”

No longer do you need to be a World Class Athlete to get the benefits from World Class Science and unlock your genetic potential.

One test – A lifetime of change

On the DNAfit website ( they have pictures of some of the press articles, you can click on the article to go to it –
This appeared in the guardian this week - DNA test could save your life !!!

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