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Often referred to as “Anaerobic Threshold” as the intensity of your exercise increases, lactic acid is realised into muscles as hydrogen ions. Your breathing gets very rapid, you feel you need to stop and your muscles are starting to “burn”. Your speed or power when you are riding at this point is your lactate threshold.

We have designed a field test that re-creates these conditions, is very accurate and removes the need to pay hundreds of pounds for a laboratory test.

The session lasts for one hour and includes a Biomechanical assessment of your pedalling technique and riding style. We will give specific advice on how to maximise your efficiency and power through improved technique.

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Our Coaches

Our world class cycle coaches are trained, insured and supported through British Cycling. They all have a wealth of knowledge and experience, hold enhanced DBS certificates and are First Aid Trained. All of our coaches have at least two areas of additional expertise and many have been teaching adults and children for decades. Our cycle coaching team can be found coaching at events and in venues across Europe where they provide inclusive cycle coaching in Recreational Cycling, Road Racing, Time-Trial, Track, BMX, Cyclo-Cross, MTB and Disability Cycling. We provide cycle coaching to a huge of variety of groups and individuals ranging from adaptive athletes and riders with Special Educational Needs, limited / restricted mobility cyclists and those with visual impairments through to elite level athletes and national and international level competitors.

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