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web AJYou could spend £1000’s on a bike but the single most important factor for optimal performance and efficiency on the road is a professional bike fit. A professional fit will not only improve the comfort of your ride but also increase your performance, power and wattage.

There is lots written about bike fits but a proper fit comes down to the contact points (connection points) between the cyclist and their bike. These five connection points are: right and left foot, the pelvis and right and left hands. So the bike fit is less about the actual bike but has more to do with the saddle, handlebars, brake levers and hoods, stem and, most importantly, shoes, cleats and pedals

Our unique bike fitting system uses the scientific accuracy, authentic ride feel and custom technique of WattBike. The proprietary Polar View technology produces extremely accurate power measurements of the entire pedal stroke of both left and right leg while the rider is in motion on the bike

We use this data to develop a bespoke bike fit that is optimised for power, speed, injury prevention, and comfort.

Your fitting will take about 2 hours and cover the following;
Physiological check – including hamstring flexibility, leg length discrepancies, and feet pronation as these all have a bearing on your comfort on the bike.
Cleat fitting – incorrect cleat fitting accounts for the majority of knee soreness / pain, so cleat adjustment ensures your cycling shoes are properly aligned for your legs.
Adjustment –optimum positions for; saddle, handlebars, brake levers, hoods and stem.
You will need to bring your bike, cycling shoes, shorts and shirt. A towel and a drink would also be beneficial.

Please contact us directly to arrange an appointment either via email info@gbcyclecoaching or Call 07730 682548


Our Coaches

Our world class cycle coaches are trained, insured and supported through British Cycling. They all have a wealth of knowledge and experience, hold enhanced DBS certificates and are First Aid Trained. All of our coaches have at least two areas of additional expertise and many have been teaching adults and children for decades. Our cycle coaching team can be found coaching at events and in venues across Europe where they provide inclusive cycle coaching in Recreational Cycling, Road Racing, Time-Trial, Track, BMX, Cyclo-Cross, MTB and Disability Cycling. We provide cycle coaching to a huge of variety of groups and individuals ranging from adaptive athletes and riders with Special Educational Needs, limited / restricted mobility cyclists and those with visual impairments through to elite level athletes and national and international level competitors.

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